Digital Art

Stop the Assumptions
This is a piece I did while reflecting on gender, and people's perceptions of me. I take she or they pronouns, and I very firmly believe that there is no gender binary and that gender is a spectrum. Where I fall on this spectrum depends on what I'm feeling on any particular day. I also get very frustrated by people who see a person's appearance and assume things about them and their gender, instead of getting to know that person as a human being.
This is a manipulation of a photogram that I took of eggs, broken out into glass custard bowls, which I layered onto a picture that I took then distorted of a tree at sunset. The complexity and movement of the lines is set off and contrasted by the simplicity of the warm, calming, complementing colors.
Hyperion Shakespeare Company Logo
This is a logo that I designed for Harvard University's Hyperion Shakespeare Company, one of the theatrical groups on campus.
Distorted Double
This is a manipulation that I did of a picture that I took of a cup. I played around with one picture, duplicated it, manipulated it a little more, then placed it right next to the original manipulated picture.
Richert Ranch Logo
This is a logo I designed for my business, Richert Ranch. The two 'R's form the ears. The sheep is modeled after the breed of sheep I raise, the Lincoln Longwool, which has curly, lustrous wool.
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