Abstracted Window The assignment for my intermediate painting class in college was to paint a window using oil paints, so I took the proscenium, the audience's window into the world of a play, and abstracted it. This view is from directly below the curtain, looking up at the ceiling of the theatre.

Lincolns These quirky sheep are Lincoln Longwools. I used a lot of paint to try to mimic the thick, wooly texture of the fleeces, and pushed the colors, pulling out the warm and cool tones and pushing them into bolder, more saturated colors. The background is wool applied to the oil paint when it was wet. The color palette for each sheep is slightly different, drawing attention to the fact that while sheep of any particular breed look similar, there are variations in personalities, size, and wool.

Violet at Work This is my fourth acrylic painting. The confused jumble of sheep heads, legs, and bodies, the positions of the sheep and the distorted, long, stretching shadows give the feel of chaotic movement of the sheep who are running around in fear of Violet. Violet's lolling tongue and pricked tail and ears show that to her, this is just another day of work, blurred with play. The dimensions are 30x10 inches.

Nosy Suzie This is my third acrylic painting. I really feel that I made a leap from my first two paintings in my use of varnishes to help with contrast and to enhance the colors. Suzie is a cow with a lot of personality, who loves her food. I think I captured this in my painting with the perspective and larger-than-life size. She always tries to lick anyone who gets within tongue's reach of her pen, and otherwise, can be found eating or bossing around other cows. The dimensions are 30x20 inches.

Gavroche's Group This is my second acrylic painting. I experimented with saran wrap for the texture of the leaves and started to use more varnishes. Gavroche, named after the crafty child in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, is the sheep in the front. Gavroche, like the character in Les Miserables, is the confident, wily leader of his friends. He looks out for his friends, and is very aware of everything that is going on. The dimensions are 20x30 inches.