Sister Studies
I observed my sister while she was studying and made a sketch of her. I then put a piece of tracing paper over the sketch and traced over the darkest parts with a marker, then copied this onto a pronto plate. These are four of the prints that I made. It was very interesting to see the different result each time I printed, and to see how much each print differed from others, not only in details, but also in the impact of the entire picture. Each print is 11x15 inches.
Gavroche's Group
This is a print that I made using the woodcut method. The harsh, jagged lines give this piece a rugged feel. The dimensions are 12.5x14 inches.
Sunny Days
This is a plexiglass scratch print that I made from a picture that I took. The fine lines emphasize the fragility of the butterfly and of life in the fall, as winter draws near. The dimensions are 13x8.5 inches.
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