Look Again- Self Portrait Reflection
This is a picture of one of my sheep's eyes. A sheep's eye is a relatively normal object from far away, but when it is inspected closer, there are so many interesting and intricate details that are overlooked when it is viewed from a distance, as simply the eye of a sheep. This close look magnifies the delicate fringe of the eyelash, as well as the rich brown hues and stripes in the iris of the eye. Looking even closer, the viewer can get a glimpse of the world from the sheep's eyes.
This a reflection on a shiny door that I captured. To me, this mirrors when one reflects where nothing is quite clear, but the person can see indistinct shapes, and the longer that person looks and thinks, he or she can see things more clearly. It also looks like people behind a barrier. We, opposite from them, can see the indistinct, blurred forms of what is on the other side, or is yet to come, but cannot discern them completely.
Dreaming of Summer
The radiant, bright sunflower has faded into a mere memory, and only the withered shell remains. Frozen tears seem to gather on the sepals of the old head, which once held the dazzling petals. The old flower has faded and seems sad, but it still appears to have hope for spring in its warm brown hues.
This picture tells the story of the delicate new life of spring, from the intricate bird's nest to the wispy tufts of the newly hatched robins. The green leaves, tender but vigorous, and the little bird's wide, bright orange mouth, waiting for food, show vibrant but fragile growth coming from the somber winter remnants of the barren ground and branches, and dead twigs of the nest.
Egg Feet
An egg is a very powerful symbol- of life, of fragility, of potential, of smooth perfection. It contrasts with the scaly, strong feet of the hen that laid it, showing the difference between the animal and what it came from and made.
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