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Wool Art


This book is needle felted with the wool from my sheep, and explores and abstracts some of the textures of wool and sheep. Each page is made with wool from a different sheep, and each has a unique feel and color.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

This is a wool puppet of a Beholder (a monster in the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons), which I designed and fabricated. The eyes are all fully removable, and the eye stalks have wire in them and can be positioned. The puppet is approximately 8" tall.

An Ode to Farm Life

These are abstracted icons and textures of everyday things found around the farm, silkscreened onto wool. The set includes a drop spindle, a kernel of corn, a sheep hoof, a hand shears, wood texture, and straw texture.

Delloso de la Rue

This is a fan art puppet I made of one of the characters from Dimension 20's role playing game show, A Court of Fey and Flowers. They are an owlbear and dressed in their gown for the ball in the series.