Sketches and Mixed Media

Fiber Panels
These panels explore the differences between individual sheep and their wool through a different kind of natural fiber- wood. There are some sketches made with pencil and others made using an engraving tool, and the wools are made from various colors and textured of crumpled paper and wood shavings, and feature wool or body parts of sheep.
Little Alaina's Journey in Music
This is my sister Alaina, perched with her first violin on a line of music that continues on to the distance. The first few notes that can be seen are from the first piece of music that she worked on: "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star." The music shows her progression with the violin, with the last piece that can be seen being Bach's Concerto #1 in A Minor, which was her most recent piece when I made this. The dimensions for this are 20x30 inches.
Snuggle Buddies
This is a sketch that I did this year of two young lambs, snuggled together on a cold winter's day. The wood gives this sketch a rustic, as well as intimate feel, adding to the peace of the picture. Dimensions are 11x7 inches.
Study of Music
This is a sketch of one of my friends, who is majoring in music. Music, specifically, the violin, is central to his life. The dimensions of this work are 20x15 inches.
Baby Thorin
This piece captures the shyness, yet curiosity of little lambs. Dimensions are 11x7 inches.
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